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Take a look at our online portfolio to get a better idea of the kind of work we do. You will find examples of our work on various clients as well as looks ranging from subtle daytime makeup to dramatic and bold nighttime beauty.

Popular bridal makeup themes include:

  • The Classic Bride – a timeless look, providing a minimalist, subtle and natural vision for the bride enhancing their features without too much emphasis.

  • The Romantic Bride – a whimsical look, providing a dreamy, flirtatious, yet innocent vision for the bride; softly enhancing a focal feature either the eyes or lips.

  • The Bold Bride - a dramatic look, providing a statement lip or seductive eyes.

  • The Vintage Bride - an old world look, re-creating a beauty look of a past era.

  • The Exotic Bride - an exotic look, consisting of rich, bold jewel-tones on the eyes and lips.

  • The Beach Bride - a sun-kissed look providing a natural glow, yet encompassing a smokey splendour of bronzes and golds.

Whatever your dream is for your bridal makeup, we the tools, the skills and the talent to help you to re-create your vision!

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