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How to properly apply your makeup throughout the seasons

It's a good idea to change your makeup to flow with the current season. Certain things to take into consideration are the temperature and how much sun exposure you'll be getting. Most ladies get a bit of a tan during the warmer months so it's ideal to have a warmer shade of tinted moisturizer or foundation to help even out your complexion. Since our tans fade during the colder months, you'll most likely revert back to the foundation or tinted moisturizer that might be a shade or two lighter. It all depends on how dark you typically like to get during summer.

Usually lighter eyes and lip colors are popular during the warmer seasons to give you that natural sun-kissed glow without looking overdone. In the winter most ladies like to try a bolder eye or lip for the festive season.

Have fun with whatever season you're in.... and don't forget your sun protection (no matter the season)!

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