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5 wedding day beauty tips you have to know before your big day arrives!

1) Set up an appointment with a skincare specialist for a consultation and customized skincare regimen. It's ideal to perfect the canvas which your makeup artist will be working on. Makeup will only look as good as the skin as it's going upon.

2) Be religious with your skincare routine. Remove your makeup each night. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and exfoliate once a week are the basics of any skincare routine. You can enhance your regimen with a serum and masque once you know what your skin type is and what it needs.

3) Check out Pinterest or Google for ideal makeup looks you think you'd like for yourself on your wedding day. Keep in mind the face shape, eye colour and facial features of the pictures you are collecting. They should be somewhat similar to yourself to keep your expectations realistic. Try to narrow it down to 5 images maximum.

4) Book a bridal makeup preview (trial) with a makeup artist whose work you admire and believe will be a good fit for your big day.

5.) Be clear and communicate effectively to your makeup artist your vision. Don't say to your makeup artist "You're the expert do whatever you want...". Yes, the makeup artist is the expert and can create a beautiful look for you however some direction is appreciated with regards to what colours your like or dislike. For example... If you do not like a red lipstick or gold eyeshadow, those are important things to tell the artist. The artist of course is able to make recommendations based off of your facial features, skin-tone, eye colour and hair colour.

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